Creating and Loading Database Tables for the Online Orders Demo

To create the user account:

1.      Start the SQL*Plus utility.


2.      Log in to the database administrator account.

By default, system and manager are the username and password for the database administrator, but you might have to ask your Oracle system administrator to create the user for you if you do not have the appropriate privileges.

3.      In SQL*Plus, enter:

create user BC4J identified by BC4J;
On successful execution, SQL*Plus will respond with "User Created."

4.      Next, enter:

grant resource,connect to BC4J;
On successful execution, SQL*Plus will respond with "Grant succeeded."
Note that certain Java2 style permissions must be granted to users running business components in JServer. For example, the following SQL script grants these permissions to the user BC4J (note that BC4J must be uppercase):
EXEC DBMS_JAVA.GRANT_PERMISSION('BC4J', 'SYS:java.util.PropertyPermission', '*', 'write');

EXEC DBMS_JAVA.GRANT_PERMISSION('BC4J', 'SYS:java.util.PropertyPermission', '*', 'read');
EXEC DBMS_JAVA.GRANT_PERMISSION('BC4J', 'SYS:java.lang.RuntimePermission', 'createClassLoader', null);
EXEC DBMS_JAVA.GRANT_PERMISSION('BC4J', 'SYS:java.lang.RuntimePermission', 'setContextClassLoader', null);

To create and populate the database tables:

1.      Again in SQL*Plus, connect to the newly created user account:

connect BC4J/BC4J@localhost
This assumes your database is you local machine. If it isn't, replace localhost with the name of your database.

2.      Locate the file OnlineOrders.sql in the OracleHome/Apache/BC4J/samples/onlineorders/DataBaseSetup directory and execute a command in SQL*Plus similar to the following:


3.      To exit SQL*Plus, at the prompt enter: exit


4.      To config the oracle database URL address. The default connection is


localhost: the Database server IP address(DNS name)

1521: Database Port number


1. If you want to change it, locating the file under

 OracleHome/Apache/Apache/htdocs/onlineorders_html then modify them.

Note:After you change the file, you MUST restart the Apache web server.

2. Locating the at OracleHome/Apache/BC4J/samples/OnlineOrders/DatabaseSetup/Imageloader

then change the theDBURL on line 13 to the correct URL of database.

5.      To load the images to database, locate the file DatabaseSetup.bat( for Solaris) in the OracleHome/Apache/BC4J/samples directory, please run the DatabaseSetup.bat( for Solaris) at: